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Nowadays our life is very busy, chaotic and full of work. Every day we spend time with our friends and family and don't have enough time for studying. However our LAE school knows how to help you!

Learning Russian online is a great opportunity to improve your language level! We would like to provide you some popular web sites where you can find suitable information for your level and knowledge. First of all you can find the link and the name of the site, types of work such as: reading, speaking, writing, etc., short general information in the end. We hope that you will discover new, interesting and necessary information about Russian language online!


 «Have Fun with Russian»

/Exercises, audio/video materials, dialogues, texts, games/

You can read, speak, translate and write.


Л.Л. Бабалова «Практикум по грамматике» (А2, В1)

/Grammar exercises/

Do you want to check your level of Russian grammar? You are welcome!


«Russian Online»

/Grammar exercises/

Great grammar courses for A1 and A2 levels.


«Учим Русский»

/Dictionary, dialogues, texts, exercises/

You can improve your speaking and reading skills, learn lots of new words.


«Очень По-Русски»

/Slang, idioms, colloquial phrases/

You will learn words and phrases Russian people use in their everyday life.


Enjoy learning Russian language online and remember: when you learn something new, you become someone new!

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