Exclusive Courses in Kiev - English, Russian & Ukrainian

Exclusive Courses in Kiev

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Learn about way of life, literature and music

Studying Russian and Ukrainian language is not only about studying grammar. It can give a great pleasure of learning something new about Russian and Ukrainian cultures. We prepared special packages to render your study of language a great fascinating journey to the new world!

Each course has two options: a single overview-meeting and a package of about 5-10 classes (90 minutes), individual or group. Classes are available in English, Russian and Ukrainian. In a frame of each course you can ask about additional lecture about topic, it is up to you.

After attending courses you will receive a certificate.

All courses are available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Prices: 90 min individual course 450 UAH / 90 min group course 280 UAH
Please contact us to book an exclusive course.

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