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Sweden is a prosperous hilghly-developed country with unspoiled and splendid natural environment. Either you are going to take a healthy vacation, or stay there for some more time — anyway you will be pleased. Swedish language is beautiful and melodic, its grammar is one of the easiest to learn among European languages and thus it won’t take long time to master it.  Knowledge of Swedish will give you a wide range of possibilities for travelling, studying or business development.


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Learn Swedish at LAE School in Kiev

Swedish Individual Course

Swedish Individual Course

  • Our language school in Kiev welcomes you to study Swedish in a friendly and cosy antmosphere with fun and great results.

  • Learn Swedish at our language courses with professional teachers who are experienced and enjoy teaching students.

  • Our Swedish course is available in a 60 and a 90 minutes version. After a free placement test our teacher will customize your schedule for learning Swedish according to your needs.

  • If you have any questions about our Swedish course in Kiev please do not hesitate to contact us :)

Swedish Online Course

Swedish Online Course

  • You are not living in Kiev but still would like to learn Swedish? No problem! - Thanks to the online course program of LAE language school you can study wherever you are.

  • During the online course you will be taught by the same teachers doing individual Swedish courses at our language school and receive the same free study materials.

  • We are looking to hear from you and would be glad to support you in learning Swedish. Just contact us - no registration fee.