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Attention – Lesia Lishchuk – Cheater

warningAttention – Lesia Lishchuk – Cheaterwarning

Dear Students,

the school is closed.

This message is to warn everyone who is affiliated with Lesia Lishchuk.

In October 2018 Lesia Lishshuk was fired as director of the language school. It was discovered that she was embezzling / stealing money from the company since it opened in 2016. A police report was created and she will be sued in court.

Lesia was supposed to help running the school according to Ukrainian law. The language school has a lot of students, but almost all payments that the school received from students were hidden by Lesia.

Nearly all the equipment she bought for the school, with company money or money invested by owner, she bought in her own name with delivery to school. The goal was obviously to steal as much equipment as possible if her scheme is discovered.

After Lesia was fired she convinced the landlord of the school office to change the rental contract in her name so that it is not possible to access the office anymore and the school had to pause operations.

The school might not be possible to be rescued but all legal options will be used to get her convicted for fraud and theft. If you are in business with her make sure you are not trusting her with money, get a receipt for all services and be always aware that you might be the next she is stealing from.

- The Owner -

Russian Online Courses

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Russian Online Lessons (Skype)

Online Russian Course

Online Russian Course

  • Online Russian course offers you the chance to learn Russian via Skype in the comfort of your home. Starting at only 7 Euro for 45 minutes.

  • LAE language school will teach you as if you would be at our school and provide you with russian study materials

  • Online Russian course is great for students who cannot come to our school, who like to start studying before arriving in Kiev and of course for students who want to continue studying Russian after having been at our language school

  • In addition to normal online lessons our language school offers special packages for beginners to start learning Russian
45 minutes: 8 Euro 60 minutes: 10 Euro 90 minutes: 13 Euro

Ziva about our language school

Ziva about our language school

"...I must say that LAE is one of the most organized, client-oriented and professional schools I have encountered thus far. The instructors are well prepared, flexible and extremely supportive.."

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Russian Online Course Packages 


"Я говорю по-русски!"

Conversational Russian

This package was created in order to improve Russian conversational skills of students. After this online course the student will be able to create useful phrases and use it in everyday communication.

This package is especially recommened to students that have never spoken Russian before and would like to get know the language. The online course is also a good prepartion before coming to Kiev and starting to study at our language school.

Lessons per week: 6 x 45 min or 5 x 60 min
Levels: All levels

Price: 55 euro


Intensive Russian

The "Intensive" Russian online course is aimed at students who like to improve all types of Russian skills in a short period of time. Either if you have learned Russian before and will a little rusty now or you are new to Russian, this course will help you to improve quickly.

Depending on the level of the student the grammar, conversation and vocabulary topics are different. After a placement test the teacher will decide with the student about the topics for the online course.

Lessons per week: 12 x 45 min or 10 x 60 min
Levels: All levels

Price: 100 euro

"Кто это? Что это?"


This online Russian course concentrates on improving certain interesting vocabulary topics.

The Student can decide which Russian vocabulary topics (for example Business, Science, Hobbies, Medicine or Food) he/she would like to learn or teacher will suggest useful ones.

Lessons per week: 6 x 45 min or 5 x 60 min
Levels: All levels

Price: 50 euro

"Молоко с молоком"

Russian cases

The "Russian cases" online course is for students who like to improve one of the most important Russian grammar topic “Cases” or how to change the endings of words..

After completing the this online course the student will be able to improve his/her knowledge about all different six Russian cases and/or has a deeper understanding for certain cases.

Lessons per week: 6 x 45 min or 5 x 60 min
Levels: A2, B1, B2, C1

Price: 60 euro