Russian Tutorial - Beginner - How 'long' is Russian?
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How "long" is Russian?

Are you ready to pronounce the longest Russian words?

Published on Sunday, 27 November 2016 and posted in Russian - Beginner
long russian words

Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters and if you recently decided to study Russian you have to be ready to read a lot of long words including a lot of consonants. When you open a book for beginners you may see many words with only one syllable (стол (table), стул (chair), пол (floor), кот (cat), зонт (umbrella)) and you will be happy of course. But everything is not so easy.

After some lessons about the basic Russian grammar you will start the topic “Traveling” and then you will be surprised. Surely if you have decided to learn Russian you like to travel a lot and you are looking forward to tell everything about your journeys in Russian. So prepare for a basic vocabulary for topic “Traveling”.

Достопримечательности  - a tourist attractions

Средиземноморье - Mediterranean

Международный - International

Путешествовать – to travel

Иностранный - foreigner
Развлекаться – to have fun

I hope you are still alive and would like to prepare yourself for more advanced Russian topics.

If your profession is not connected somehow to chemistry, congratulations - you are a lucky one!

The longest Russian word consists of 55 letters:

Тетрагидропиранилциклопентилтетрагидропиридопиридиновые (It is chemical substance)

In the Grammatical vocabulary of Russian (A. Zaliznak) you can find the longest adjective in Russian:

частнопредпринимательский  (private - adjective referring to business)

(25 letters)

The longest verbs are:

переосвидетельствоваться (to reauthenticate)

субстанционализироваться (to substantivize)

и интернационализироваться (to internationalize)

(All of them — 24 letters)

The longest nouns:

человеконенавистничество (antihumanism)

высокопревосходительство (lord)

(Both 24 letters)

 одиннадцатиклассница (eleventh year school girl)

(21 letters)

The longest adverb:

неудовлетворительно (insufficiently)

(19 letters)

The longest conjunction and preposition:

соответственно (properly)

(14 letters)

The longest particle:

исключительно (entirely)

(13 letters)

Now you see why everybody thinks that Russian is a very difficult language. Therefore I think nobody knows the longest Russian words.

If you read these words several time you will be able to impress your friends by your magical ability.
When you start to read them first time for them maybe some of them will fall asleep, maybe some will think that you have eaten too much borscht and drank a lot of vodka but rest of them will be your fan and look forward to hear more interesting about the Russian language.

Wishing you good luck and see you at LAE language school in Kiev!

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