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Modern Greek is not only the language of a country that has more than 300 sunny days a year. It is the language that is spoken by welcoming and frank people. It is the language of the country with millions of possibilities for your business and leisure. The beautiful songs are sung and marvelous literature is written in this language. It is ever young language that has three thousand years of history. Its grammar is so easy that in a few months you will be able to speak about the main everyday and professional topics. I began to study Greek about 10 years ago. I have already been to Greece many times and translated classic and contemporary Modern Greek writers into Russian and Ukrainian. 


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Learn Greek at LAE School in Kiev

Greek Individual Course

Greek Individual Course

  • If you like to start studying Greek or already know have started then our language school would be glad to support you improving your language skills.

  • Our teachers are professional linguists who are experienced in teaching students and will create lessons according to your needs and timetable.

  • Starting date and intensivity of lessons of Greek lessons is up to you. Just contact us or come to our school to discuss your learning needs.

  • Also do not forget to check the special Greek courses our language school offers and which will give you great insides in Greek culture and way of life.

  • 60 Minutes Class: 250 UAH / 90 minutes class: 350 UAH

Greek Online Course

Greek Online Course

  • With our online courses you can start learning Greek today from everywhee in the world.

  • Just contact us and our staff and teacher will support you in creating a learning schedule that fits you. You will be taught Greek as if you were at our language school in Kiev.

  • 60 Minutes Class: 250 UAH / 90 minutes class: 350 UAH


Also our langauge school in Kiev proposes following special courses (each of them consists of 5 lessons of 90 minutes each; they are available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English):



If you are fond of Balkan and popular music, you will definitely find something interesting in Greek popular music that can boast a great variety of genres and styles. The Greeks love singing and their songs will help you studying their language!



This course provides advice for tourists and tells how to communicate successfully with the Greeks. You will learn why the Greeks are happy and sad, and how to get along with them.



Greece is not a very big country of 11 mil. inhabitants, but still it had two Nobel prizes in literature during the XX c.!



Political and cultural events of the country that eventually obtained independence in 1821 after a dramatic rebellion will be of great interest for everybody who is fond of history and culture of Greece and the Balkans.



Everybody knows about difficult family life of Hera and Zeus, Aphrodite and Hephaestus, but not less interesting events happened and still are happening in the mythology of the Greeks, that has experienced influences of different cultures and remained Greek in its substance for already 3000 years.