Russian Tutorials - Beginner

Russian Tutorials - Beginner

Russian idioms

How to enrich your speech

Russian idioms
Speech is a way of communication between people. To make this communication brighter, to express one’s thoughts clearly and tropically, speakers use idioms (фразеологизмы) – phrases or fixed expressions that have a figurative meaning. Sometimes it even turns out to be literal...

Let's learn Russian online

Websites and online resources to support you learning Russian

Let's learn Russian online
Nowadays our life is very busy, chaotic and full of work. Every day we spend time with our friends and family and don't have enough time for studying. However our LAE school knows how to help you!

Ukrainian language vs Russian language

Ukrainian language vs Russian language

Ukrainian and Russian are Slavic languages and Indo-European language family comprises both of them. If you are foreigner and going to visit Ukraine you will think about the language which better to learn in Kiev - Ukrainian vs Russian...

Cute Russian Language

Or how to use diminutives in Russian

Cute Russian Language
Russian language is popular for the use of diminutives, which emphasize either the small size of object or person, or to express speaker's emotional relationship towards a certain object or person. The sound of these specific forms is very cute and when foreigners try to use them in real life it sounds even more and more cute...

A comparison between the cases in Russian and German languages

A comparison between the cases in Russian and German languages
A lot of students become much stressed and immediately start to panic when they hear the word “Cases” during lessons.

Let’s have a look together and see what this word means. Even if you are not a German speaker this article is likely to have some useful insights for you...

How "long" is Russian?

Are you ready to pronounce the longest Russian words?

Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters and if you recently decided to study Russian you have to be ready to read a lot of long words including a lot of consonants. When you open a book for beginners you may see many words with only one syllable (стол (table), стул (chair), пол (floor), кот (cat), зонт (umbrella)) and you will be happy of course. But everything is not so easy...

Introduction to Colours

The seven colours of the rainbow

Introduction to Colours  | Language School in Kiev | Language Arts & Education
Let's imagine you need to describe your clothes, your belongings or something else, and don't really know how to tell their colours in the right way. It will not happen anymore to you after you will have read this article.

Russian 7 Letters Rule

Even Russian speaking struggle with the 7 special letters

Russian 7 Letters Rule | Language School in Kiev | Language Arts & Education

We all know that we have 33 letters in the Russian alphabet. Therefore after a first excurse into the phonetic system of the Russian language there are exactly 7 special letters that make a lot of troubles for us. They are К, Г, Х, Ж, Ч, Ш, Щ.

What makes these letters so special that we need to remember them?

Double Negative

Why a Slavic smile is a sincere smile

Double Negative | Language School in Kiev | Language Arts & Education

A lot of countries abroad think that Ukrainian and Russian people do not smile a lot and look unhappy.

If you come to Ukraine first time (especially if you use public transport) you will see people with unsatisfied faces and even if you try to speak with someone don’t wait for a smile.

Russian Intonation

See how a little bit different intonation has a big effect in meaning

Russian Intonation | Language School in Kiev | Language Arts & Education

We use intonation as a way to express our emotions and feelings. One sentence said in different intonations can express various communication goals. You will be surprised when I tell you that in Russian we have 7 intonation constructions to pronounce the same grammatically written sentence.