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Terms of Use

We would like to reach a friendly atmosphere in which we can exchange around the themes languages and education. To achieve this, everyone should adhere to a few general rules.

By usage of this website you commit to follow the following rules:

  • No illegal or inhuman content
  • No assistance and/or links regarding illegally acquired software and copyright/license violations
  • No provocations and insults
  • No multiple user accounts
  • No affiliateprograms, advertising and theft with referrer links
  • No advertising of its own products, websites, private auctions and the like, which would be regarded as self-promotion
  • No sale offers of individuals
  • No pornography
  • No spam in any form

What happens in case of infringements?

Violation of the above conditions may result in your comments and other content be edited, moved or deleted by moderators/administrator. If you regularly and deliberately violate the rules, your user account will be locked if necessary. Of course you can request the deletion your account at anytime. However, the comments written persist in order not to tear other contributions apart from the context.

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Sunday, 04 December 2016